Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Field Trip

A lovely rainy day for our Saturday BIO class field trip to ASDM

Wasn't expecting an aquarium section (all these animals exist in the Sea of Cortez). These eels are fascinating - they pop up and down from the sand.


Can barely even find the fish it's so well camouflaged.

LOTS of snakes in the reptile room - this one is a Mexican Pit Viper. I liked that he/she is kind of posing for their pic - the others were mostly less cooperative.

I thought these little lizards showed a lot of personality :-)

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Bobcats, keeping out of the rain.

An ocelot staying dry.

I've never seen a snake do this open-mouthed thing before. He/she was just sitting there like that!

The Mountain Lion was beautiful!!!

The Mountain Lion is in the tree in the background - shortly after I took these pics, the branch snapped. The Mountain Lion fell, in stages, but was totally fine!

A deer taking a siesta.

The Black Bear was not bothered by the drizzle/rain at all - he/she just laid there napping (probably enjoying the coolness of the weather, for a change).

Mexican wolves

Desert Bighorns apparently prefer to be dry :-)

Otters DO NOT prefer to be dry ;-)

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