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The previously promised pics of my meditation corner

 Awhile ago, probably a year or so, I bought one of these to use as a media cabinet / TV stand:

It sat in it's box for a long time, and then I found a more suitable set of folding shelves for about $10 at the Goodwill:

Eventually, I decided to start meditating for both mental and physical health reasons.That probably sounds really crunchy and Eastern, but really I just light some candles and listen to soothing music for 10-20 minutes. I decided to devote a little corner of my bedroom to this purpose. I was initially going to use something else, but then remembered I had this pantry thingy sitting in a box. I decided that without it's top doors it was perfect (I am now considering adding the top doors to cut down on dust accumulation). Anyway, I put it together (using the power tools all by myself, thank you very much), and covered the back with some Dollar Store contact paper to avoid looking at the backing and screws:

I shoved it up against one side of my bed (it's only about two feet wide so it doesn't impede access from that side of the bed) to form a little alcove in the corner of my room. I hung some Tibetan Prayer flags between my new meditation cabinet and my curtain rod to create a kind of threshold for my meditation corner:

A couple months ago I bought my "meditation cushion" on sale at Amazon:

I liked that it could be used as something to sit on, or unfolded for something to recline upon. I used a metal tieback hook from Walmart (the matching hook to the one I use for my curtain) to keep it off the floor and out of the way:

Pretty much everything in my meditation cabinet is from either the Dollar Store or Walmart. Every shelf has a little battery operated water fountain (Walmart for $10-$20 each), candles (on each shelf there is a larger vessel (usually glass, from the Dollar Store) filled with rocks (Dollar Store) and a votive candle (Dollar Store), and inspirational words:

I do have some religious items, like my favorite picture of Jesus and a statue of a meditating Buddha:

But my meditation isn't really meant as any sort of religious practice or statement. It's mostly about relaxing and a little bit about positive thinking and self motivation.


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