My Road Trip

OK, so I've gotten so heinously depressed lately, that I've lost all touch with actually WANTING anything. I realized that was a bad thing, but didn't have much of a solution, since, as I mentioned, I couldn't manage to want much. I had ceased caring if I ever actually got to Mexico (I didn't even want to get out of bed in the morning, Mexico was not exactly on my radar). Then, as I was casually flipping through the latest issue of Sunset Magazine, I saw these gorgeous pictures of recommended road trips for the Fall out here in the West. I used to like road trips (before they involved moving heavy crap and dragging 50 pets cross-country as fast as possible), and I love taking photos! And suddenly, I wanted to go somewhere and do something again. So, in an effort to relocate my sanity, I decided to do something I actually WANTED to do and hit the road.

Day 1: I drove up to Vegas where I had an absolutely fantastic time hanging out with RockabillyGypsy and her Purple Fairy Cohort. Freemont street was a blast! And then the three of us went and got me the tattoo I've been wanting for forever. It was brilliant all the way around. I'm totally going back up to see Gypsy when she's back in LV, or else we can always tear-up Phoenix ... or Guadalajara (or wherever I end up) ... or Dublin ;-)

Video of the view from my suite (they upgraded me, bless them) @ the Gold Spike - that´s part of the canopy over Freemont Street you can see:

And the tattoo (the morning after). 
Supposedly / hopefully it means "Serenity"

Day 2: I went to Zion National Park and took these pics (before spending the night in Lehi, UT):

Day 3: Started off the day doing the Alpine Loop (heaven on earth):

And then finished the day at Arches National Park:

Day 4: Started in Monument Valley ... 

and ended in the Grand Canyon:

And on Day 5 I got some pics of Oak Creek Canyon and Red Rocks State Park on my way home from Flagstaff: 

Now, my depression came back about 3 hrs. after I got home and I'm still kind of grasping blindly for something to WANT ... but the trip was a very good thing overall. 

BTW, more photos will be posted to flickr and redbubble soon.

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