Things I've Learned (mostly the hard way) Since My Last Blog Post

So, the last few months have been slightly unkind. Pretty much everything I had planned fell apart. I went from heading full-sail towards exactly what I wanted in life, to feeling like I'm treading water as I blink at my capsized boat - not sure how I ended up in the water. But I have learned (or been reminded of) the following important lessons (so I am not complaining, too much):
  • People can only be as honest with you as their level of self-awareness will allow.
  • The countdown to disappointment usually begins when someone says they "won't let you down". If you forget this, you will regret it nine times out of ten. If you remember it, you will be pleasantly surprised once in a blue moon.
  • No one who genuinely cared about you would rank their own comfort as a higher priority than alleviating your suffering. The loss of such a person in your life ... is no real loss in the end, no matter how much it hurts.
  • When the foundation of your planned future cracks, it's probably best to pause and re-evaluate the whole plan before you start mixing more cement. In other words DO NOT start dating anyone while you still feel like you're treading water! ... I think I just mixed my metaphors beyond recognition ;)
  • People who smother you while dating, probably cannot dial it down enough when trying to remain friends. Don't waste each other's time - make clean breaks.
  • People who believe the world rejects them based on a perceived "flaw", will, apparently, never believe that you are rejecting them for a behavior they could/should probably work on.
  • Some people can pick up on subtlety. Some people require directness. Some people just live in a fantasy world where they imagine they can will things into being the way they want, and you are wasting your time trying to disabuse them of any part of it.
  • Statements in the vein of "I'm not giving up on this/us/you." and "friends are friends forever" are downright scary coming from the wrong person.
So I am now (at least temporarily) burnt out. I just want to be ALONE. And being burnt out while in the midst of trying to make more/new major life decisions ... is hard.
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La Yen said...

Youch. Sounds like you need a vacation.

Learning things stinks.

Pacian said...

Holy yikes.

Have a better one. :-/

Kayt said...

Thanks, you guys :)

Nonvegjokes said...

Ops.. I just see the picture.. Why are you doing so.. It will be painful.. huh.

Blogger said...

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