Great! (dripping with sarcasm)

I started taking Midrin when I was 9. I was in an accident, got a nasty little concussion, and was prescribed Midrin for the torturous headaches that ensued. Over time the headaches disappeared and I had my last one about 15 years ago ... until 2009. Suddenly they returned, and with all kinds of other fun symptoms like nausea and auras (neat little sparkly things). So I requested my old friend Midrin (I have a policy of not liking/wanting to try/take NEW drugs - if it ain't older than me, I don't want/trust it!). Ever since then it's been an obnoxious little roller-coaster ride of it being available, and then not being available. It'll be discontinued, then available, then on backorder, then available from ANOTHER pharmaceutical company, then discontinued again. It just keeps bouncing around and/or disappearing. And now it seems like it might really be gone for good.

This isn't fun/funny. Midrin is the ONLY thing that works on my migraines without making me drowsy/drunken/non-functional. Last night I spent about 12 hours being SERIOUSLY stoned from a single Fioricet (I won't be taking that again!). And the only reason for this nonsense is that the drug companies can't make as much off Midrin as they do off the newer drugs. 30 capsules of Midrin were costing me about $32 at my local Walgreens (not covered by insurance since the FDA declared them to be only "possibly effective" awhile back (despite a 2006 study which showed it to be slightly MORE efficacious than Imitrex)), but 27 Imitrex tabs are currently going for $791.50 on No, that's not a typo - that's almost $800! Hmmmm, $32 vs. $792? I wonder which one the pharmaceutical industry would rather see people take ... yeah, that's a real tough one to figure out!

But if Midrin is really truly gone this time .... my only alternative seems to be to go to Mexico (where I've read Midrin are actually sold over the counter!), or move there (yet another thing to be written in the "pro" column for that option). I understand the process of making the trip over the border just to get the meds can be a bit scary - they say that if you have a US-issued prescription ON YOU (even if you purchased something that's over the counter in Mexico), in your name, and you only have a small personal use supply, and you declare it all to the customs folks and jump through governmental hoops and red tape ... then you supposedly don't get arrested. And it's not like I'm trying to import something that's banned here (it's just getting impossible to come by) - no one has ever declared it dangerous or anything. But, I'd rather not end up in the pokey.

Stupid corporations and their almighty dollar! :(

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