Oh no they di'in't!

OK, I am semi-stunned. I think someone must be drunk here, and it ain't me (wish it were at this point). Here's the story ....

In August I signed up for classes at Glendale Community College (Glendale, AZ not Glendale,CA) the nearest Community College. In order to get a degree, I needed to take some Math classes (not the sort of thing I am really capable of doing online or "testing out" of since Math is NOT my forte - I honestly anticipated I might need tutoring), and something "fun" along with it to make it bearable (a spoonful of sugar with the medicine, if you will).

So I enrolled and registered, etc., etc., for a Math class and an Anthro class. But when it came time to start my classes on a Tuesday in mid/late August ... I had come down with pneumonia (yeah, lots of fun!). I didn't make it to class on that Tues, crossed my fingers for the next class date, but was still wheezing like an accordion on Thurs so I figured I'd throw myself on someone's mercy come Monday morning. But I got online to check things out (check the "drop by" dates, etc.) on that Friday (this is still the first week of school mind you) and found that I technically had until Monday to drop out, but that I had ALREADY BEEN dropped from both classes! Huh?

So that was incident #1 that got me a little miffed at GCC. But I figured it was probably for the best anyway since I had most likely been a bit over  ambitious about going to school (even 2 days a week) SO SOON after getting here. There was a LOT of stuff to do around here (still is) even without the pneumonia.

Now, I had a grant for all this. A grant that was going to cover BOTH classes and ALL the books, with some left over. The excess was placed on a Maricopa County Community College Visa debit card by the school, and when I was dropped from the classes I gave the school back the money that had been put on the card. I assumed we were now square since they weren't out anything and I hadn't profited. But apparently that's not the way MCCC & GCC do things.

In logging on to the site the other day to register for Spring classes I was informed that they have actually placed a permanent hold on my account until I pay them $304. I repeat, I am stunned. They honestly expect me to pay them $304 for something I NEVER got the benefit of (never set foot in class), NEVER had an option to do any adding/dropping with after that Thursday, was basically dropped FROM against my will (I totally would have gone to class the following week if they would've let me), and would have been TOTALLY covered by my grant (and therefore FREE to me) if I had gone to class for so much as 5 minutes on that first Tues or Thurs- sweating and hacking my  strep-pnuemoniae on everyone? Seriously? They're really going to hold next semester (and all future semesters) hostage unless I pay? Please - they can bite me!

OK, so I could pay the $304 and go on with my educational career and obey the little voice in my head (which is my mother's and not really mine) that says "GET YOUR DEGREE". But I know perfectly well that there is an online ASU BA in History option (I could at least TRY to stumble through the math online). And on top of that, this all occurs at a time when I am re-thinking my general priorities anyway. I've recently decided to embark on a major project that makes me more interested in DOING than studying - more interested in making/saving some dinero and building a more stable foundation for myself and my future.

So, I think GCC has just reordered my priorities for me. Or at least they've given me a nice little shove off the cliff I was leaning over anyway.

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