If you follow me on Twitter, or are friends with me on facebook, you probably already know that I've just started selling AVON. If any of you are receiving promotional e-mails and want them to stop, just let me know, no offense will be taken! While I promise to try not to annoy anyone with overzealous interjections about how EVERYTHING now ties into an AVON product (wink), I will, from time to time, post things to twitter/facebook/blog that I think are worth mentioning. In that vein, I feel compelled to let everyone know that AVON has some great stocking-stuffers / gifts available for

under $20:
under $10:
And even under $5:

Coupled with this weekend's free shipping (without minimum purchase) offer (enter promo code: FREE2010 during checkout) which is good through Monday ... it's an AMAZING deal that I just had to pass along! So, check it out at:

Happy Holidays :)


Pacian said...

If you knock on someone's door and it's a guy with scissors for hands, try to make his life better, not worse.

Blogger said...

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