I was greeted this AM (upon exiting the shower) by a 3" long roach-like creature on my bathroom wall. Obviously my glasses were off at the time, but I grabbed them as quickly as possible in order to identify the LARGE dark spot on the wall that didn't belong there. I was almost sorry I did (it would have ALMOST been better NOT to know). I got dressed as quickly as possible while he crawled down the wall slowly. I simultaneously watched him like a hawk, and glanced around for something to squash him with if he made one false move. But I couldn't find anything, and suddenly he ran to the floor and bolted out of the bathroom towards my closet. The cats were in hot pursuit at this point, and after chasing him around the room a bit (at one point, I swear, he charged at me!) they cornered him under a piece of luggage long enough for me to go get my dad to catch and squish him (I love my cats! ... and my dad for that matter).

When we arrived, I found a dead one in the same bathroom before it was cleaned. But, not knowing what it really was, and not really believing that there could be such a thing as a 3" long roach, I looked it up online just now ... and found ...  that Arizona is, apparently, home to a "sewer roach season" (which we are smack dab in the middle of). They apparently live in the sewers and come up through the drains! Being that my bathroom is currently sans a sink, I have very little doubt about my little friend's access point.

Painting that wall, and getting my pedestal sink installed  just moved up to priority #1 as far as I'm concerned - I'm SO grossed out!


Rockabilly Hippie said...

oh yea we have those in Vegas. I suck them up with an industrial vacuum cause dustbusters don't kill them (learned that the hard way!). ::shivers:: I HATE those things! I recommend a DIY bus spray once a month around the outside of your house :-)

Kayt said...

Will try the spray! Thanks for the tips :)

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