While waiting around for the appliances to be delivered this AM, a very nice man came to the door to offer his roof repair services. His card was in Spanish, but he spoke English to me (and I to him). We chatted briefly and then I thanked him and told him I'd pass his card along to my dad. He added, at the end, that if we had any questions his partner speaks English. First of all, his English was just fine and we didn't have any trouble communicating, but as he left I was reminded how shocked I always am that people decide, on site, to speak English to me (even IN Mexico and Spain). My hair is brownish, as are my eyes (though I insist on calling them hazel), I could honestly be almost any ethnicity. How do people make that split-second decision that I won't understand them if they speak Spanish to me? Hmmm. I guess I must do/be something that screams gringa.

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