I just found out that ChillerTV has been playing Afterlife (think Ghost Whisperer - except GOOD and worth watching). They put the first season (or series, if you're on the other side of the Atlantic) on BBC America a few years ago (the interweb tells me it was Nov 2006), and then it just disappeared. They never played season 2 - or maybe I just lost track of it after a break between the seasons.

Anyway, I just tried to add it to Netflix, but it's not available there. Then I looked up the schedule on Chiller to find that it is NOT replaying! Grumble, grumble! Guess I will have to buy the DVD, but the only sources I can find online are selling it in PAL format. I think I remember reading that my usb dvd player/burner will play PAL, but I'll have to check to be sure. Fingers crossed.

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