So, it seems we've settled on our next abode - FINALLY!! Our offer's been accepted, and the inspection went well, so there's really no reason to hold off on announcing it, or posting a couple pics.

It's 3 beds, 2 baths, 1776 sq ft., with a .19 acre lot. and has a nice pool. Escrow is due to close around the 24th ... we are picking paint chips :)

Keep in mind these are the BEFORE photos (the previous owners were obviously in the middle of doing some sort of renovation when the bank foreclosed). Everything needs painting, and half the house was stripped of it's flooring so the photos show the concrete slab (but that's just less for us to have to rip out, IMHO). But the bones are great, and that's what counts! :)




Rockabilly Hippie said...

and a pool?! woo hoo! the whole place looks amazing. And that kitchen! :-)

Annie said...

That place looks incredible!!

I'll live vicariously through blogs I land on at random haha.


Holly said...
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