Phoenix, at last!

After two separate, 2hr. delays (and a vow to NEVER fly through Minneapolis in February again ... saving $200 over the Atlanta route was NOT worth it IMHO!) I finally got into Phoenix around 9:45 pm (only a couple hours late!). The flights were crowded (and bumpy when approaching and departing Minneapolis), but I had lovely seat-mates, good tunes, and a good book I picked up at PIT.

So far, all I've seen of Phoenix is the airport, a couple of freeways, the "Home of the Angels, for Spring Training" as the taxi passed it, and my room @ the Ramada (ps - there is a Waffle House practically next door, I might have to try it - it smells divine!)

But now it's after 1am, and my body thinks it's past 3am ... and I am considerably worse for wear after sprinting through the Minneapolis Airport to make a connection that ended up being delayd (after I got there) ... so I'm going to have to catch up on everything TOMORROW :)

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