An Addition to the Family

For the record, I had NO intention of getting another dog yet .... NONE! I was simply engaging in some online research for when I felt "ready" for another fur-baby. I had determined that the right breed for me would be a Boston Terrier, but being that I am an adoption/rescue fan I wanted to make sure there was a BT rescue in Phoenix. I looked it up, and found there was/is ... and then ... I looked to see if we had one for WV (not really expecting there to be one).

Well, there was/is one up in Preston County and on the webpage for the organization was a pitiful tale of a small, deaf, female BT that some TOTAL IDIOT had tried to keep as an OUTDOOR dog (in this GOD-AWFUL winter we've had). If there was ever an outdoor dog - a Boston Terrier would NOT be it! They are tiny and nearly hairless, and I've read that due to their shortened snouts they have a harder time than most dogs regulating their body temp in general. She barely survived.

We went to SEE her yesterday .... and then .... we brought her home :)

She's actually AKC registered, only a little over a year old (born Dec 8th 2008), brindle and white, and her right eye is half blue. She's adorable! :) She's got a couple tiny infections at the moment, but otherwise she's fit as a fiddle. We're calling her "Gracie" for Grace O'Malley, an Irish 'pirate queen', because Gracie has one eye with a black patch (like a pirate) and one that's white. Some grainy cameraphone pics for your enjoyment:



Pacian said...

Pleased to meet you, Gracie.


Kayt said...

Thanks Pacian - I'm sure Gracie appreciates the greeting AND the fact that you spoke pirate to her ;)

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