mexico plan v2.0

So, since I can't, realistically, be ready to head off for Mexico by next Saturday (for starters, I am still waiting for the replacement luggage I ordered after the bigger piece in my old set got mangeled on the way back from GDL), and since the weather is being EXTREMELY uncooperative (the forecast for the rest of the month is nothing but alternating rain, freezing rain, and snow!), I am admitting defeat when it comes to getting down to Guadalajara in time for the February TEFL course (which is NOT a sentence I enjoy typing).

So, long story short - moving down to Mexico to teach English has been bumped to July (and that is written in stone as far as I'm concerned, no matter what); I will be heading to Phoenix in Feb/March to scout it out and look at houses; and Ireland has been moved to either April, May, or June (depending on when we buy a house).

Hopefully visiting Phoenix and Dublin, and the (obnoxious, but time consuming) process of moving will keep me sane for the next five and a half months.

Fingers crossed!

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