Mexico City Day 5: Recuperation

I have successfully canceled today's tour to Cuernavaca. This is partly due to the fact that I do not like the tour company - yesterday's tour was less than stellar (the city of Puebla itself, and the other tour-goers being the only redeeming features), and actually ended with being dropped off about two blocks from my hotel (because the road was "closed" - which it WASN'T!), in the dark, with what ended up being erroneous directions on how to get to the hotel - thank goodness I recognized a couple buildings and figured out where to go myself!

Now if that were my only reason for canceling I would gleefully call up the fantastic folks at GreyLine Tours or Olympus Travel and get my butt over to Teotihuacan ... but traipsing around Puebla for the whole day yesterday has given me massive blisters across the entire ball of each foot - I couldn't go anywhere today if I wanted to (and believe me, I'd much rather go to Teotihuacan than sit here in my hotel room today!). In fact I'm semi-worried about the small amount of walking that will be involved in getting to Guadalajara tomorrow - but it's really only walking from hotel to taxi, from taxi to bus (sitting on a bus for 7 hours), and then repeating in reverse - I can suck it up for that.

So I will spend today filling out my postcards, and calling to confirm my tour reservations for Guadalajara. And I will probably be so decadent as to order room service for lunch and dinner ... there's the feets to think of, and I'm supremely lazy ... and it's hard to pass up having someone bring you your food for what amounts to $7, including the tip!

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