Mexico City Day 4: Cholula and Puebla

My one and only Cholula pic (of the cathedral on top of the buried ruins of a temple) - the sky was dingy and not good for photo-taking (this also explains why I only used my cameraphone all day).

Entertainment during Lunch (in Puebla):

A Puebla street scene I found picturesque:

Inside a Puebla Church:

Inside a domed annex of the same church (don't ask what the proper terms for "domed annex" would be, I never claimed to be Catholic, LOL). BTW, I want to do this to my bedroom ceiling when I get home, what do you think?
Outside another Church (I liked the architecture):

The fountain in Puebla's Zocalo (town square):

The Nativity Scene outside the Puebla Cathedral:

Puebla Cathedral's Bell Tower:

And, the best has been saved for last .... the dude from Peru who bought himself (and wore for the whole day!) this SNAZZY red with gold trim (and a few sequins!) sombrero when we went through the handicraft market (boring old me I only bought postcards). Anyway, I now feel inspired about what to buy certain people for Christmas:

Now my blisters and I are going to bed.


Pacian said...

"BTW, I want to do this to my bedroom ceiling when I get home, what do you think?"

You'd never get to sleep.


LuluBunny said...

LOL, sleep is for suckers who don't have gaudy ceilings to stare at ;P

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