Mexico City Day 3

So this is going to be a SUPER boring post. I did absolutely NOTHING today, unless you count napping and popping pills as activities worthy of blogging about (which, apparently, I do, lol) - I even missed the tour I most wanted to take :(

I don't know exactly what's going on with my sinuses. Woke up Tuesday morning with trouble, went on my tour, and collapsed in a medicated heap later that afternoon. My options are: the flight dried me out too much (which I doubt); I've got a sinus infection AGAIN (which I also sort of doubt, but would make the most sense I guess); or I'm allergic to something (but what?). Thank goodness for Mucinex and Benadryl or I'd be whining and moaning for un medico, ahora mismo! Actually speaking of that - I just want to give a shout-out to the folks here at the hotel for being so nice and making sure I knew they could get me a doctor, medicine, or anything I need from the store :)

But, I think I have found the magic combination of pills to keep me alive another day, my throat isn't sore like it was last night, though my voice is still a little odd (I sound a bit like Kathleen Turner at the moment, lol) - and I think (fingers crossed and knock on wood) I should be able to go on tomorrow's tour. I'd better be able to go because if I have to spend another day blowing my nose as I stare at the same four wall, or dubbed movies that weren't very good in English, I might go insane.

But tell me, seriously, what is it with me and getting sick in foreign countries? So far I've had bad luck in Spain, three times in Ireland, and now once here in Mexico. Only the UK has never tried to kill me, LOL ;)

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