Mexico City Day 2: Anthropology Museum

Welcome to the Anthropology Museum

A really cool carved pillar/fountain in the courtyard

Top and side carving on a sacrificial stone

The Layers of the Templo Mayor - in the good old days

A "friendly" jaguar (he's actually the first artifact you see when you enter the section)

The not-so-friendly end of him ... this is where the heart of a sacrificed person would be put to be burned.

The Aztec Earth Goddess (didn't catch her name), she was impregnated by magic feathers (don't ya hate when that happens?) and gave birth the the sun.

An Aztec Canoe

The "Crown Jewel" of the exhibit, the Aztec Sun Stone (sometimes aka: The Aztec Calendar)

Other cool stuff:


La Yen said...

So THAT'S how I got into this situation--a magic feather!

LuluBunny said...

Those magic feathers will get ya EVERY time ... hey do you suppose if you smack a chicken your morning sickness will go away? Don't laugh, I've heard of stranger 'remedies':)

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