Mexico City Day 1

Well, this isn't going to be a very exciting post ... but ...

At the end of a couple of flights that were uneventful and relatively short (just about the time I was getting a cramp on the ATL to MEX leg of it, the flight was over), I was greeted by the most amazing view of Mexico City. Now, I must admit that I am not used to arriving places at night (so that may be a factor), but I think the sheer size of Mexico City is due the credit for the gorgeous unending sea of lights beneath the plane. It had been clear enough to see clumps of lights as we crossed over the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, giving way to stretches of black with cities that looked like islands of light. But as we approached Mexico City the lights literally filled the entire horizon. I wished I had my camera - it was beautiful.

Made it through customs just fine (even with the smuggled box of pop-tarts I forgot to declare and then worried about getting busted for, lol), and was greeted by a fabulous idea for a taxi system - you go to the kiosk, tell them where you're going, pay the appropriate fee (M$152 in my case ... roughly $12) and get a voucher which you take to the APPROVED taxi rank. Very cool - no gettinng cheated allowed! :) Of course I am down about M$150 for tipping the baggage guy (who spoke perfect English and explained where I was going to the taxi folks); the taxi driver; and the bellboy here at the hotel. But I was REALLY tired (got to my room about midnight local time) and didn't have to lift a finger, so how can I complain?

I am staying at the Hotel Prim and highly recommend it (for the price range, which was about $35/night on Travelocity, I think). OK, so it's not the Ritz (though it does have some of the trappings like a restaurant, room service, laundry service, etc.). Little things here and there are slightly outdated and maybe a bit worn, but it is scrupulously clean (which is really all I care about), and EVERYONE who works here is SUPER nice. My room is at the front of the hotel on a busy steet, so when I open my window there is a LOT of traffic noise ... but that's hardly the hotel's fault (it's a massive city, and I'm staying in the busyiest possible part of it, so ...). All in all I am really pleased with the place.

The weather seems very nice - was sunny earlier, now abit more cloudy here and there. The internet says it's 25C today, which would make it about 80F, but I would say it only feels about 68/70F tops (the breeze is nice and cool, and the sun keeps dipping behind clouds).

So far today I woke up late, missed my free continental breakfast, worked on getting the WiFi to work (still don't know how I did it, other than the internet gods took pity on me). I called home via skype, called to confirm tomorrow and Wednesday's tours. Then while getting dressed, I ACCIDENTALLY used tap water while brushing my teeth (which I had been warned (by everyone - though no one who has ever been to Mexico, so my fingers are crossed that they're wrong) not to do). Had a yummy chef salad for lunch (was also instructed not to eat any fruit or vegetables, but after the tap water thing I figure I'm either on borrowed time already, or there's nothing to be worried about), which was mainly meats and cheese on a tiny little bed of shredded lettuce, and some tomato slices and olive for garnish (instead of the sort of dressing I'm used to getting with a chef salad, they brought me green sauce and red sauce, so I dipped the bites of the salad into the green sauce - slightly spicy but VERY good!), and got two more tours booked (saved about $40 doing it here versus online). Am now just lounging on my bed catching up on the interweb - tv's on but I'm not really watching it.

Only bad thing about being so solidly booked up for the rest of the week ... I won't be able to go check out the wax museum (as advertised in one of the pamphlets I found in the lobby):

I think that's supposed to be Nicole Kidman on the left, and possibly Tom Hanks next to her, or maybe not, it's hard to say.

That's all for now.


La Yen said...

I think it is so awesome that you just get out and go. Super impressive.

And I think you need to sneak away for the Nicole/7 Dwarves museum.

La Yen said...

Oh, and I HAVE gotten the montezuma's revenge from salad in Mexico. But that was one time, out of eating there many, many times.

LuluBunny said...

Thanks Yen! :) Believe me there have been knots in my stomach about taking off for someplace I've never been, but they have FORTUNATELY been really fleeting (not like when I totally flaked out on Paris last April). I think it helps that I can understand about half of what's being said - and that EVERYONE is super-willing to speak English to me after I torture them, briefly, with my Spanish ;)

Thanks for the salad info ... so far so good for me, so I think neither the tap water nor the salad are going to kill me (though the salsa verde on my Enchiladas Suiza from dinner tonight almost did - MUY caliente, lol ;)

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