In Transit

I don't really want to call this post Guadalajara Day 1, since I didn't get in until about 6pm, didn't see much of the city before it got dark (and what I did see didn't make a good impression .... apparently there's no place on earth where they put the bus depot in the GOOD part of town, lol).

Once here, I had to spend well over a half hour being hassled at the front desk because they A) didn't know what Travelocity was and had NO idea I had booked a room, B) suddenly knew what it was but claimed they hadn't been paid by Traveolcity (they claim to have that problem a lot ... and yet I have NEVER had this problem with Travelocity before, EVER ... hmmm ... wonder where the weak link might be ... insert head scratching), and wanted me to pay them on the spot for the whole booking (the booking they didn't know anything about 5 minutes before) ... I would give them cash, and they would give me a receipt to "TAKE" to Travelocity when I get home and show them I paid the hotel.

Um ...... how about NO for an answer?

Trying not to let my temper get the better of me (yelling at the 20-something girls who just happened to be on duty the Saturday night I check in is not really going to accommplish anything), I declined thier suggested remedy (several times) and explained again (and again), as politely as possible, that I had ALREADY paid for the room (the piece of paper they were holding is my receipt) and if they have a problem it's with Travelocity, not me - call Travelocity. After a few phone calls (to/from whom I have no idea), it has been left at - they're very sorry for the inconvenience, I don't have to pay anything now (they even upgraded me to a room with a king size bed on the 11th floor), but I WILL have to meet with Claudia (the reservations person) on Monday to clear it all up.

I am SUPER-ANNOYED, I mean if you're not going to honor bookings made through Travelocity why is your hotel on the site?

But whatever, I have copies of my confirmation e-mail/receipt from Travelocity, and my bank statement showing the transaction went through on NOV 15TH saved on my laptop now. And Travelocity's contact # is in my phone - so Claudia can just bite me on Monday!

So the ONLY redeeming thing I have to say about my arrival in Guadalajara is .... I have a nice view. I was going to post a video of all the twinkling lights, but I can't get it to upload ... sigh.

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