Guaddalajara Day 2.0

This morning I slept in until about 9am, and proceeded to read, watch tv, and be generally bored out of my mind (didn't have a tour planned today because I thought I would do some 'sploring on my own ... but my feet needed the day off (the blisters aren't up for EVERY day activity yet).

So long about 1:45 I meandered on down to the reception desk, seeking out my Pow-wow with "Claudia" (the reservations person). I was ready for a show down. I had my laptop (with all the pertinent screen captures on it), I had Travelocity's number, and I even had the cellphone number for my UBER-helpful tour guide (from yesterday, and also for tomorrow), Ian. When I asked if Claudia was there, the girl at the desk took a step back through the door behind her, spoke with someone briefly, then stepped back toward me and informed me that Claudia had "checked" and the payment from Travelocity HAD come through just fine, so there's no problem. I felt like saying "Yeah it came out of my account a freakin' month ago, so unless Travelocity uses the Pony Express you should've gotten it at SOME point!" but I just smiled and thanked her.

I had tried e-mailing Travelocity, but am pretty sure it never went through (not sure if it was the wifi or the website), my dad tried for me - but wasn't sure if it'd gone through either. So I kind of think it was the efforts of Ian the tour guide (I know he sent e-mails, I think he might have even called Travelocity). When he had called to talk to me on Saturday to set up the tour on Sunday I was actually standing at the front desk being harassed, and whatever it was he said to the girl at the front desk after he talked to me seemed to have an effect. But whomever it was who got the whole thing straightened out - I am tremendously relieved, and VERY grateful.

So, on the way back from the front desk I stopped off at the vending machines tucked away in the back corner of the lobby. I was hungry, didn't feel like going out anywhere (too hot), and I don't like the restaurant here ... so I got a Bimbo LonchiBon Bimkingo (it's ham & cheese on something that kind of like a croissant), a bag of sea salt chips and a Coke .... yes folks I am quite happily (and healthily) eating from vending machines in Mexico (a thing I wouldn't do from certain locations back home if you paid me $1Million). My whole lunch cost me $M31 (which is like $2.50) and it's yummy (there's some sort of a jalapeno spiked cheese sauce on the sandwich that's really good).

Oh, and figuring that the "don't drink the water" thing is probably an outdated adage in a MODERN Mexican City, and having accidentally consumed the water in Mexico City more than once, once while here (again with the teeth brushing), and ice in both places ... I am now drinking the water here as well, with absolutely no ill effects. I figured it was probably OK to give it a try, and figured I wasn't going anywhere major today anyway (if it did bother me), so I've been drinking the tap water here in my room since yesterday evening. I figure you can't very well consider coming back and living in a place for any length of time if you can't tolerate the water, so it was a necessary experiment, lol.

Now all I have to do is call to confirm my Wednesday tour to Lake Chapala ... but I'm having a really HARD time getting through to anyone. The wifi isn't supporting skype very well, and my cellphones aren't happy about making the call either ... and the one time I did get through I couldn't manage to communicate with the operator who EVENTUALLY answered the phone. It seems I have booked through one online entity, which is farming it out to another "local" entity (NOTHING unusual in that - that's how all my tours have worked), but that "local" entity is in Mexico City, and so there seems to be a whole other layer I have to get through here. Anyway, that's my task for the rest of the afternoon - fingers crossed!


La Yen said...

Mmmm. Mexican Coke.

Also--try the Bubu Lubu candy. Marshmallow, strawberry jam, covered in chocolate. We like.

LuluBunny said...

I am generally not a fan of the marshmallow, but I am, nonetheless, keeping an eye out! :)

LuluBunny said...

PS, I am practically living on Mexican Coke these days - have about 2 a day - may have withdrawal when I get home, LOL ;)

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