Guadalajara Day 1

Went on the "Fall in Love with Guadalajara" Tour, and pretty much fell in love with Guadalajara ;)

The Cathedral

The Town Square with Christmas decorations

A few shots of the AMAZING Murals by Orozco which cover some of the walls in the Govenor's Palace

A really neat sculpture/water feature on the spot where Guadalajara was founded

A plaque marking that spot, beneath the water feature/sculpture

Guadalajara's famous Arches
(they used to mark the entrance of the city (from the Pacific),
but the city spread past theses arches long ago)

The Minerva Statue (just outside the arches)

The Cathedral of Zapopan at Sunset

The Zapopan Cathedral all lit-up at night (wish my cameraphone would have taken a better shot, it was gorgeous)

So that was my tour today, and I REALLY enjoyed it :)

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