decisions, decisions

OK, so I liked Guadalajara enough that I've decided I DO want to go back down there and stay for awhile (at least until we figure out what we're doing around here in terms of moving (back to Cali or somewhere else?) - not that the actual move can really take place before Spring anyway).

So, looking over the website of the place I want to take the TEFL Cert. course, I am reminded that I need to make a move QUICKLY to be ready to start the Jan 4th course. I am most inclined to take that one because it is directly followed by a "Teaching Business English" add-on that I'm partial to. I also like (very much) that there's a $200 discount for booking the Jan. course (which almost pays for the TBE add-on)!

If I can't make the Jan 4th start date I am stuck with starting in Feb, when the discount is only $100 ... and the add-on immediately following that course is "Teaching English to Young Learners". The next TBE course isn't available until May! I'm not violently opposed to the TEYL add-on (or no add-on at all), but Business English jobs supposedly pay more (and it's slightly more in the same vein as my OnlineAdminAssist stuff).

But the big problem is that they've apparently done away with one of their accommodation options (the one I was going to do!), which was still available when I last checked the site (before my trip). Rather than being able to share an apartment with a few other TEFL Cert. students for $250/mo (near the school) - I now have to choose between a stay in a youth hostel (YUCK!) near the school, for about the same price - or a nearby posada (for more $$); staying with a family for $400/mo (meals INCLUDED, but it's a 30 min bus ride from the school!); or staying in one of two hotels near the school (for about $50/night) - one of which is the "fabulous" hotel I stayed at while in GDL (and would rather NOT stay in again because I didn't like it very much)!

AARRRGH!!! I really wanted that month in a good geographic location, with a FEW other TEFL students, to get my bearings in Guadalajara before finding my own apartment. Now I just have more confusion to sort out, and less time to do it in (like 10 days!) .... sigh :(


La Yen said...

ew to youth hostels. We are too old to bunk down with KraftWerk fans.

Out of all three, I would choose the family--you would be helping out the community more, and maybe get to practice your Spanish!

LuluBunny said...

A great big ol' A to the MEN on the too old for youth hostels thing! :)

And I am leaning toward staying with a family (that's probably what I'll end up doing), but I am still a bit miffed that my favorite option is gone.

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