Homework 1

I just found out about this really cool thing (thanks to Compulsive Writer and LaYen):

And since I am WAY behind in the assignments, I decided to start off with a simple prompt - just to get the ball rolling. So, I apologize for how boring this might be for everyone, but (per my chosen prompt) here's a list of writing projects I want to finish:
  • I want to convert the film script (that I've decided not to make as a film anymore) into a play.
  • Finish the untitled novel I started for NaNoWriMo 2007, or possibly wrap it up and be satisfied with it as a short story.
  • Finish "RC" (novel, I think - we'll see) - preferably without letting it drive me insane.
  • Write "FOL" (tentatively a novel).
  • I'd like to manage an article per week on Triond, just to foster a habit of regular writing (whether I'm feeling inspired/epic or not).
I used to have an order for these things, but I've found that I can't work that way. I can force myself to keep writing on a certain project, but the forced stuff never comes out as something I like and/or want to keep. So it's better for me to switch back and forth between things I feel in sync with.

But I do want/need to lay out a schedule (and stick to it) to write SOMETHING every day. I now feel like it's OK for me to flitter around wherever "inspiration" leads me, but I do need to get more disciplined about daily writing (finding an hour a week, just ain't cutting it).

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Pacian said...

Trying to write a novel, you really appreciate why people get paid to do it.

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