Was I the only one paying no attention?

I love to read - I pretty much always have. And I was lucky enough to have grown-up around several well-spoken people. As a result, I've always had a fairly decent grasp of the English language ... and always did well enough in English class to never really have to pay much attention during it.

Most of the time, I can get it right - and usually without a whole lot of thinking. There is, of course, the (not so) odd typo - not to mention the signs of early Alzheimer's (where I just 'totally space' and put "that" instead of "the"). That pesky little matter of affect/effect always forces me to think a bit (and I think I still get it wrong more often than not). But usually I get the right kind of your/you're and their/there; know when to use who/whom or imply/infer; and know that "a lot" is two words, rather than one. And despite watching a lot of judge shows I am still aware that "conversate", "insultate", and "irregardless" are NOT words.

But I had NO idea about this one:

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Hopefully, one of these days, I'll get it right .... oh damn!


b. said...

I had no clue.
There are so many I struggle with...just add one more.

Pacian said...

'It is hoped that' sounds really stilted and rubbish.

I'll happily choose grammatically incorrect writing over writing that sounds like it was written by a robot.

LuluBunny said...

@ b. - well, I feel better that I'm not the ONLY one - but I must say I've never witnessed any boo-boos on your part (your blogging is a thing of beauty!) :)

@ Pacian - I agree completely - sometimes grammar just gets in the way of accurate expression - but I do prefer to KNOW when I'm flouting a rule ;)

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