Normally, I don't much care for Ghost Hunters International (IMHO it's a weak rip-off of the WAY better regular Ghost Hunters show), but the new season starts tonight and I'm actually vaguely excited about it.


Because they're going somewhere I've actually been (Wicklow Gaol), and it was creepy enough in broad daylight!

Fingers crossed for something (anything!) more than the usual "Dude, did you hear that?" :)


Pacian said...

So who you gonna call?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should have made clear that you were not actually "in" Wicklow Gaol but only visiting it!


LuluBunny said...

@ Pacian - LOL ... well, certainly not the folks at GHI :P

@ Tigger - I guess I could have been clearer about that, LOL! But one never knows ... perhaps in a past life ... ;)

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