So we FINALLY have had an offer accepted on a house (just when I had resolved / announced to my parents that if we didn't have an offer accepted by August 16th I would be registering for classes at the local community college). We're going to be moving to Apple Valley, CA, to this house:

It's not currently the most adorable thing, but it WILL be! It's in MAJOR need of a new paint job (the house was built in 1979, and the paint is flaking off of it, but there apparently isn't any other paint underneath it - so it's a 30-year-old paint job - no wonder it's flaking off!), and has a couple other little things wrong with it, but nothing we can't easily fix. It's also only 1401 sq. ft., for now, but we'll be converting the 2 car garage into a family room so it'll be fine. On the plus side of the equation - it's on almost a full acre, with the possibility of being zoned properly (haven't checked yet) for .... chickens! But either way there will plenty of room for a pool for my mom, a yard for the dogs, and space to garden :)

So, if it passes it's general inspection, it's termite inspection, and it's septic system inspection, we'll probably be moving in September.

In preparation for the move, I've begun the big clear out (the one I should have been working on for months already) of stuff I'm not taking with me, by listing some things (mostly books) on ebay (more to come ASAP). Going to try to insert the widget for my items below.

Note, the widget only seems to show some of the items (and not very attractively, IMHO) - anyway, the whole (ever expanding) list can be found at:


La Yen said...

37 miles south of Barstow, eh? You definitely need a pool!! (And to learn to swim!)

LuluBunny said...

Amen to both of those! :)

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