spring cleaning

Have been focusing for the last week or two on cleaning and reorganizing my room (most especially my desk area so that I can be able to work more on certain things). So far I've put together a free-standing closet, a side table, and the world's cutest little canister vacuum (the canister portion of which is about the size of my big green purse) all without swearing! :) Today's swiveling office chair was harder - had to get my dad's help on it - but still no swearing. We'll see how my record holds up when I finally tackle my "office in a box" (desk, bookcase, and file cabinet). Anyway, photos may (or may not) be forthcoming.

My foot is still wrecked - am stretching, icing, and splinting the stupid thing left right and center ... but it's still unbearable. I've been icing it more and splinting it less lately, and I think that might be part of my problem (the icing makes it feel better, but isn't necessarily the best position for it). Haven't been on the treadmill once since I got home :(

But on the upside - I got a bit of a windfall .. so I've been able to make a huge dent in my saving for the FSTM Budget goal. Now the only question is whether or not I really want to do that with the money. It seems I will have the entire budget now by Christmas .. but I'm not sure whether or not I still want to make a film. I so totally let go of the idea of ever being able to do that when we moved back here (which was REALLY hard to do at the time) that I'm not sure how I feel about it now. But I've got plenty of time to think about it (won't even have the rest of the money for another 6 months).

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