So, the tour I went on last Wednesday did a real number on my feet - have a small blister on each Achilles tendon, the start of one on the ball of my right foot, and tons of them starting across the tops of all my toes. Yesterday I couldn't wear shoes AT ALL.

Today, I managed to get a different pair of shoes (one that hits in mostly different spots) on for long enough to run down to the basement/parking area where the trash dumpsters are located. But the feets do still hurt so I'm just hanging out today. Other than that I really have very little to say for myself.

Today is mostly grey and cloudy (so I'm not missing much being an invalid) - but tomorrow is supposed to be lovely. Kind of hoping my feet will allow for some mild sightseeing of some sort tomorrow ... fingers crossed for AT LEAST something of the hop on/off bus tour variety (even if I just rode around in the sunshine all day - that would be nice enough!) ... but we'll see.

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