hop on, hop off - day 1

So today V and I did the Dublin hop on/off bus tour (a couple times - in between we got a chicken pesto panini for lunch). Like a genious - I forgot my GOOD camera and had to shoot the day with just my camerphone :(

Here's the Spire on O'Connell St:

I think this one is Christchurch:

An ivy covered building (just for the atmosphere):

I think this is St. Patrick's:
St. Pat's again:

We also spent about 3 hours at the Archaeology Museum, where (before reading the "No cellphone" and "No Photography" signs I snapped a pic oof one of the Bogmen on display:

Then for dinner we gave The Winding Stair (www.winding-stair.com) a try. It was fabulous! Great place, great staff, great food! Had a delicious lamb chop with root veggies and red wine sauce (to die for!). An excellent intro to lamb :)

Now I'm off to bed early for tomorrow's LONG day (much anticipated trip to Giant's Causeway).

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