feeling a little better :)

Am still highly annoyed with myself for not going to Paris, but I'm trying not to think about it anymore. Today has been pretty good (which is helping to distract me and lift my mood).

The morning started by hearing that my dad's DNA results at www.23aneMe.com had come in ALREADY! So now I know all about my dad's line ... but the confusing thing is how his paternal ancestors, who are known to be Swiss and are rumored to have been Italian before that, have such a predominately Scandinavian genetic history. And on top of that, my dad's mitochondrial results are also strongest in the same geographic area. Initially I thought that was a bit odd since I think of that branch of the family as being German Jewish (my great-grandmother's maiden name was Zahn and we believe she was at least raised Jewish, though she spent her whole adult life and raised her 2 daughters Protestant), but actually my great-great grandmother was named Anna Sarah Kneer ... I could imagine a bit of Viking heritage there :)

Then, this afternoon, I decided to go sit on the boardwalk benches on The Liffey. I'm sure it sounds boring, but the sun was shinning brightly, the breeze was cool, and the gulls were swooping in and paddling in the river. I just sat, and watched the gulls, and read a book, and thought about life for a good 2 or 3 hours. It was somehow exactly what I needed - a quite, restful, aimless day all to myself, with no particular goal or fixed intention, no pressure, nothing in need of doing - nothing but the beauty of the sunny moment, the swooping gulls, my book, my thoughts, a bunch of strangers coveting my slot on the bench, and a knot of squabbling traffic behind me.

I admit I had fun on my previous tour, and I am REALLY looking forward to next Wed.'s tour ... but today was a REAL vacation ... to me anyway :)

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