Decorative Arts Museum

So yesterday morning V and I went up on the Luas to the National Museum at Collins Barracks (the Decorative Arts and History 'branch', if you will). I didn't take my good camera because I knew it would be like the Arch. Museum with all it's pictographic little signs full of international NO symbols (NO food, NO drink, NO mobile phones, NO cameras, etc., etc.). But here's my camerphone pic of the outside:

For something more impressive looking, you can go HERE to see a really cool spinning panorama. Seeing everything took all morning, but then we had a lovely lunch at the cafe and headed back to the apt. to relax and regroup. Fortunately the heavier rain fell while we were inside planning the evening (we only had to use the umbrella on our walk down the street to the pub - by the time we went for pizza it was much lighter, and by the time we left the pizza place it had stopped - we had good luck yesterday!). BTW - I highly recommend Apache Pizza - really good pizza for a chain, and they had delicious jalapeno poppers!

However, while I was in the museum I couldn't resist the urge to take a (NON-flash!) photo that my dad will appreciate:

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