can't believe that tomorrow marks 1 week that I've been here

Today was absolutely gorgeous ... though at the moment it is blustery and raining a bit.

This afternoon I went over to see if I could find the Abbey St Luas stop that I'm going to need to be at early in the morning (for tomorrow's all day rail/coach tour to the west). Then I sauntered up and down the side of O'Connell St that I didn't travel when I went up to the store the other day. I am, I have discovered, not much of a happy wanderer when it comes to exploring the city streets. I really prefer to have a destination in mind and then try to take in as much as I can along the way (for example - I enjoyed my walk to the store the other day much more than today's exploratory jaunt). I blame my mother for this - it must be a little snippet of her type A peronality cropping up in my genes! ;)

Out and about today I decided, long about the 17th time I whipped out my massive camera, that I really needed cameraphone capabilities for occasions like this. I mean, tomorrow I'm taking my REAL camera, because it's supposed to be 'to die for gorgeous'. And I won't feel a bit funny using it when the tour bus stops and we all pile out (in our bermuda shorts, baseball caps, and sandals with socks!) to take pics of each other standing in front of a sign (ok, maybe I exagerate). But I really do hate pulling out a whopping "TOURIST HERE!!!!" camera in the middle of a city street. To solve that, I've gone ahead and downloaded some kind of update for my phone that may make trouble when I put my old SIM back in, but I really don't care right now. So photos should be more plentiful in the future - but in the meantime .. I did take a couple halfway decent ones today while I was out with the SLR ...

The O'Connell Monument:

Was trying to get a shot of the clock outside Eason's (from across the street). Was going to crop it down to just the clock - but for some reason this particular crop looks vaguely artistic and cool to me - a nifty little cross-section of everything that just sort of says: City (at least to me):

And, last but not least (my first phone pic) - because the more things change the more they stay the same - I went out to the store this afternoon (this pic is mostly for my dad's enjoyyment):
(they did have sour cream and onion, but I got these instead).

I also gave myself some bangs today - I was feeling bored and blah, and highly frustrated while brushing my hair (it's grown increasinglly frizzy and unruly since I got here) - had the urge to go down the road to a salon I passed the other day and just tell them to whack it all off ... instead I gave myself bangs ... I think I like them.

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