Doggie DNA part 2:

So we got Scooter's DNA results today. While we are certain that he is largely Australian Cattle Dog we wanted to know what else he is. When we first got him we thought he was a Rottweiler (not that that was what we were looking for - Scooter was being given away outside the local Safeway store and my dad couldn't resist his incredible cuteness), but he just never grew enough - he has Rottie coloring, but not the height/girth, or jowls. Apparently the lab doesn't yet test for Australian Cattle Dogs, so the results do not reflect any of his 'dingo' heritage ... but the rest of it seems fairly plausible (except for that fact that they're all such large dogs and Scooter is smaller than Cali - though he weighs more than she does - he's a very solidly built little guy.). So according to the lab - Scooter is:

37-75% Rottweiler
20-36% Mastiff
10-19% Great Pyrenees
10-19% Weimaraner

We think he must be the lower percentage on all these - leaving a 23% Australian Cattle Dog element. He's a little larger than a Cattle Dog should be, but much smaller than a Rott should be.

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