Doggie DNA (part 1)

We got Princess and her puppy Cali in July 1999 (we had Rex, a lab mix, at that time). They were 'rescues' from the Lewis-Upshur Animal Shelter (Princess had been on local tv as the "Adopt-a-Pet' - brought into the shelter with four puppies). We knew she was part Boxer (and therefore so is Cali), but only part - Princess really looks very little like a Boxer (white with brown patches and overly long ears are NOT classic Boxer features). So we decided to give our beasties the Maury Show "Who's your daddy?" cheek swabbing treatment. And sent off drool-laden cotton swabs a couple weeks ago to have them analyzed.

Today we got our envelopes for Princess and Cali (hopefully Scooter's will come tomorrow), and the results are ...

37-74% Boxer
20-36% Basset Hound
less than 10% Irish Setter

(she has a MUCH bigger brown patch on her other side)

As far as I'm concerned, this explains EVERYTHING (from her coloring and her longer ears, to her very sweet and mild disposition and giant feet - even for a boxer)!

But Cali is the real shocker:
37-74% Boxer
10-19% Pomeranian
10-19% Scottish Terrier

Looking at Cali she's almost completely Boxer (mostly brindle, classic (unaltered) Boxer ears, white stripe down her nose, etc.), obviously .... but she is a lot smaller, and slightly shorter, than her Mama, and she really doesn't have any jowls to speak of. She also has the most distinctive skinny tail that comes up over her back and curls down to one side. We've never known where her tail is from - even the Vet once commented that he wondered where she'd gotten 'that tail' (Princess doesn't have one at all - NATURALLY 'docked' - we call her 'wiggle-spigot' sometimes). But after getting these results and looking at some pics online - it's the exact shape of a Pom's tail (just much less hairy). Cali also has several traits (obsessively tracking small animals and digging like a lunatic) which her mother does NOT display at all, which seem to be in line with Scottish Terriers - who were apparently originally bred to catch badgers (I can totally see Cali doing that sort of work).

But while I could believe a Boxer and a Basset Hound (and a dash of Irish Setter) could mix ... I'm having a hard time picturing the 'mixing' (shall we say?) of a Boxer and some little Pom/Scottie mix - talk about an odd couple! It makes sense on many levels .. and yet I'm still left scratching my head. Hmmm ...

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