a couple days late

Things have been slightly hectic around here lately (errands, dr.'s appointments, plumbing issues) so I never got around to making my St. Patrick's shamrock cookies (might still get to it in the next couple days, but also might not). Anyway, we're having our 'traditional' St. Paddy's dinner (or at least the traditional American version of the meal) a couple days late -

Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Potatoes:

Yes, I know this is not ACTUALLY really Irish (I believe it to be of New England derivation), but my Grandma Ahl used to make this frequently (my mom and I both grew up on it), though NEVER on St. Paddy's Day (my grandma is from Mass., and loves to make a good boiled dinner, but has never been fond of anything Irish ... her people actually wore orange on St. Patrick's! She insisted I do the same as a child (the political implications of which I did not understand until I was older), but since peer pressure required the wearing o' the green to keep from getting pinched, I always tried to wear both .. though if I could get away with just the green I would - I hate orange). However, it's always at this time of year that the stores flood with this particular cut of meat, so we always have it for St. Patrick's - just don't tell my grandma about it, LOL ;)


b. said...

MMMMmmmmm....I LOVE corned beef and cabbage!!
But I could do without the green.

LuluBunny said...

ah you wound me - green is one of the bestest colors in the universe! :)

It's the childhood pinching I could have done without ;P

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