waiting game

Well, we're still waiting to hear from the seller's bank re: the Las Vegas house - it's a short sale so their bank has the final say, but the seller approved our offer so it's sort of halfway ours.

Obviously, the weekend is a dead zone in terms of any further progress - and of course tomorrow's a holiday ... so, I'm guessing we won't know anything until the middle or end of the week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed until then. If it works out, this will by our next (and, please God, our final) abode:

3 bed, 2 bath, on 0.28 of an un-landscaped acre (plenty of room for our dogs, a garden, fruit trees, and a pool). At the end of a cul-de-sac in a decent and cute little neighborhood. We're going to convert the garage into an apartment for me (or any future caregivers for my mom, should I ever actually move out).

I've been spending most of my online time lately looking up educational opportunities in Las Vegas - of which there seem to be a nearly endless supply. I was planning on continuing in the Rhodec Interior Design thing through to the end (it seemed to be the best option of what was available to me - living here). But, I've now taken it down to a lower-level qualification - which means I'll be done (and able to get a crappy ID underling-level job) come next February (instead of a better job sometime in 2011). I can always go back to the other program later, if I want to ..... but I think I'd rather focus on what Vegas has available :)
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