101 Things in 1001 Days (more or less)

So while I wasn't feeling too well the last few days, I decided to compose my list of 101 goals for the next 1001 Days. If you don't know what I'm talking about read this: http://www.dayzeroproject.com/

This list was hard to make - either it's supposed to be, or it was the influence of fever and near lethal doses of vitamin C (OK, perhaps I embellish a bit but you get my point). Also - I've chosen the OFFICIAL start date of March 25, 2009 because I want the 1001 days to end on my 36th b-day (12/21/11) ... but I reserve the right to cheat a bit by starting some things now. If you can't handle that ... then go away and quit reading my blog ... LOL ;)

OK here we go ... my 101 in 1001 list (soon to be added to the sidebar where progress will be tracked):

  1. Workout at least 5 days a week.

  2. Learn to make croissants in Paris.

  3. Convert FSTM script to play format.

  4. Enter FSTM play into contests.

  5. Spend a day at the British Museum.

  6. Figure out Linux enough to stop swearing at my new computer. Or else give in and install XP.

  7. See the Giant's Causeway.

  8. Become as close to fluent in Spanish as possible.

  9. Make yoga a habit – at least twice a week!

  10. Learn French.

  11. Finish ice crystal scarf (crochet).

  12. Visit Newgrange.

  13. Ruthlessly go through my stuff to trim it down (if it's been in a box for a year, or two, or ten - how much do I really need it?) to only what I really can't part with.

  14. Pack and move only the trimmed down stuff – give the rest to Goodwill.

  15. Move to Las Vegas (in May 2009?)

  16. Read – and hopefully understand - my Spanish copy of “Love In the Time of Cholera”.

  17. Bake something decadent EVERY Saturday (when home).

  18. Start a big ORGANIC veggie garden.

  19. Plant MANY fruit trees.

  20. Plant an herb garden.

  21. Figure out how to preserve (using my new dehydrator and my new water and pressure canners) the 'harvest'.

  22. Write EVERY day.

  23. Volunteer @ Nat. Hist. Museum in LV.

  24. Finish Rhodec Assoc. program (by Feb 2010).

  25. Get X-mas crafts (purchased in '08) done before X-mas '10!

  26. Send at least 1 postcrossing postcard a month (once I'm settled in Vegas).

  27. Learn how to knit socks.

  28. Save enough money to visit Tigger again (after April '09) – at least once a year, but preferably more ;)

  29. Finish “Ripe Cherries” (novel).

  30. Send “Ripe Cherries” to at least 12 literary agents before I decide I suck too much to ever warrant representation and should just go straight to self-publishing (or slit my wrists).

  31. Save $3000 (and hopefully find 3 weeks) to shoot the FSTM script.

  32. At least start “Fall on Landing” (novel).

  33. Read Ulysses - or (more realistically) at least make it past chapter 4.

  34. Take a tour to Angkor Wat.

  35. Buy (and hang) 5 wind chimes.

  36. Become a Master Gardener.

  37. Learn to GRACIOUSLY accept compliments without feeling like I have to point out the flaws in what I've done or who I am.

  38. Join a photography club/group.

  39. Join a book club/group.

  40. Join a choir/chorus, or other vocal group.

  41. Take up a sport – any sport – even a basically non-athletic one like ping pong – just one I like, can do without maiming myself, and can stick with.

  42. Try lamb/mutton.

  43. Machine quilt at least 12 shelter animal cage comforters for the Snuggles Project.

  44. Purchase my first swimsuit in 20 years, so that I can ...

  45. Learn to swim.

  46. Knit at least 14 squares for Warm Up America.

  47. Make some time to play the piano again – learn one new song.

  48. Try to learn to play the guitar.

  49. Re-read the complete Jane Austen.

  50. Visit La Yen.

  51. Visit K-Dragon.

  52. Take a vacation to Chicago (Field Museum!).

  53. Donate/Invest at least $25/month via either Kiva or Microplace.

  54. Bake my own bread weekly (when home).

  55. Write a poem a week.

  56. Make my handwriting (such as it is) into a font – this may or may not ever prove useful, though I'm thinking it'd be neat for starting a new journal.

  57. Send postcards whenever I travel.

  58. Complete NaNoWriMo in at least one of these years: 2009, 2010, or 2011.

  59. Go camping.

  60. Either take the plunge and actually GET a tattoo, or admit I'm too scared I'll be allergic to the ink and give up on the idea completely. Or possibly split the diff and get a REALLY tiny 'test' tat ;)

  61. Make new friends.

  62. Keep in better touch with old friends – call a friend at least once a week!

  63. Try a totally new recipe once a month.

  64. Post a photo and said recipe on my blog.

  65. Buy at least 5 pairs of high heels and embrace the fact that I am tall :)

  66. Re-learn to walk in said high heels – preferably without breaking any bones/spraining anything.

  67. Find the time/money to go to the opera at least once a season.

  68. Make my mother happy by finding a Messiah Sing-Along to take her to during Christmas '09 and/or '10.

  69. Do a crossword puzzle a week.

  70. Stop biting my nails – a permissible solution is to get acrylics.

  71. Wear more skirts.

  72. Lose 5 dress sizes (one at a time) – and don't put them back on!

  73. Get the spoiler (that resides in the trunk), the XM radio, and the white racing stripes installed on my car.

  74. Acquire a library card again.

  75. Make an apron a year.

  76. Make a quilt for my bed.

  77. Use crockpot at least twice a month.

  78. Make a quilt for my mother.

  79. Make Florentine Lace Cookies for my dad.

  80. Keep working on genealogy!

  81. Start therapy again – and be completely honest this time around.

  82. Donate $25/mo to ASPCA.

  83. Find a church I can stand to go to every week – if there be such a thing – and go.

  84. Don't be guilted into doing things I don't want to do.

  85. Stop being so perfectionistic that I feel like a constant failure – learn to really believe in the phrase “close enough”.

  86. Try to be kind even when someone else is being rude.

  87. Stop saying “Goddamnit!” when I'm frustrated – it's a cop-out, and it just amps the angst up rather than defusing it. Find a more functional alternative – something calming.

  88. Get/give myself a manicure once a week.

  89. Get/give myself a pedicure twice a month (or more).

  90. Don't feel guilty about spending the mani-pedi time and money on myself.

  91. Donate at least 500 grains of rice a month at FreeRice.com

  92. Finish Monet Garden needlepoint.

  93. Go to the gynecologist 3 times.

  94. Go to the dentist 6 times.

  95. Get new glasses and sunglasses twice – once in 2009, once in 2011.

  96. Get personalized license plates.

  97. Keep following Cesar Milan's books/dvds until the dogs are well behaved.

  98. Collect a complete set of US State Quarters.

  99. Take my mom to a taping of the Craig Ferguson show in LA.

  100. Finally finish degree - BA from UNLV (Major: Anthro, Minor: Linguistic Studies)!!

  101. Make a new 101 things list.


La Yen said...

I have never made it past page 4 of Ulysses. I don't believe anyone actually has read the whole thing. I think that professors just make crap up and we all nod our heads because we can't admit we never finished it either. The literary Emperor's New Clothes, if you will.

LuluBunny said...

LOL, literary Emperor's New Clothes - love that! :)

Well, to tell the truth - just between the two of us - I suspect that will be one of the items that will have to be moved onto my next 101 list (possibly in perpetuity, until I drop dead).

Pacian said...

Holy crap. o_O

Good luck with that. :-)

LuluBunny said...

LOL ... Thanks Pacian :)

courtney said...

I just started my 101 list today, and was looking at others when I say yours. I recently mover away from Las Vegas. So, I have to tell you good luck!" You will need it. Hope your list goes well.


Ketutar said...

I like your list :-)
Especially: "Bake something decadent" LOL

24retoa said...

I'm looking forward to keeping pace with you - i just set out my 101's & it took a wee while & a lot of looking at other people's 101s - GOOD LUCK!!

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