How Cold Is It?

It's so cold outside that the furnace has been running all day and still can't keep the house up at the 68 degrees it's supposed to be (it's best effort is 62). When we went out at 11am this morning to view a property I shall blog about later it was -2! It's warmed up now to a heat-stroke inducing 8 degrees. But the dogs are so cold that Princess (who hasn't much of a coat of her own) was shivering a bit while napping on her dog bed. I felt bad, so I put a blanket on her (and one on Cali too - Scooter has tons of hair so he's fine .. he wasn't huddled up in a shivering little ball). Now, I've tried this before when they seemed cold, and they've both given me dirty looks and gotten up and left (trailing the blanket behind them for awhile before it fell off). Today however they were so cold (you'd think the house was 22 rather than 62), they did this:



And as I type this they are still downstairs, blanketed, and fast asleep :)

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