dashed hopes

Well, we had finally decided to let go of the moving to Missouri idea and get busy with investing here - beginning with this lovely property down the road from us:

A cute little place (in need of cosmetic updating) literally in our neighborhood, with all the extra gardening room we'd been hoping for (we've been looking for land around here as well as investment props), and a house that my parents agreed I could move into (I agreed to come up and make dinner for them every evening). The plan was to use the half acre for gardening, for my dad to be able to come down and fish in the river, and for me to live in the house. If ever I wanted to move somewhere further afield, the house could always be rented, with the garden being something my parents could either keep up with, or rent as well. It was a lovely way to kill multiple birds with one stone.

We finally got in to see it yesterday morning, decided in the afternoon that we'd make an offer, attempted to do so - and were then told this morning that it's already "under contract" and the most we could do would be to make a back-up offer in case the current deal fell through.

I am just miserable about it - it was perfect! :(

I was SOOO looking forward to the redecorating I was going to do to it ... it's not the same to decorate a place you have to share with people whose tastes aren't always yours. Don't get me wrong, I 'm happy/grateful to get to redecorate anyplace, any time - and in any palette that is desired (I just love the process of it so much) - but it would have been so fun to have a place I could have done whatever I wanted to without having to compromise, for a change. My parents just aren't the sort of people I can talk into a Robin's Egg Blue living room, or an Apple Green dinning room. Our dark and dreary living room's going to be painted "English Ivory" (hopefully the curtains will be a bit more expressive), and our overly bright dinning room will be done in deep red/burgundy tones. It'll look nice - but it's to their tastes not really mine, ya know?

Oh well, I'm going off to pout/sulk for awhile.

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