So this weekend wil be the first time in awhile when we'll be able to get the heck out of the house. We will use this fabulous ability to ..... go to Wal-Mart ... for dog food, milk, and other such trinkets. Then it seems we will be snowed in for another god-forsaken week. We have been trying for weeks now to get someone out to fix the crack in the windshield on my car - but they can't do it in the snow (or on days below 20 degrees). It's currently re-re-re-re-scheduled for Monday ... but I guarantee it won't happen then either. And I am giving up all hope of getting out to do something that I absolutely had to get done by Feb. 5th (or else start over again later). Depressing!

I am trying to keep my tenuous grip on sanity, but I'm not sure how long I have on that. If I don't look out the window upon something other than WHITE one of these days I may have to resort to running a hairdryer on an extension cord until I can uncover a blade of grass!

Current massive time-sucks that are saving my life: Las Vegas real estate window shopping (currently on our 5th or 6th property of interest - the others all hit a wall ... we'll see about the current one), genealogy (with the ever-wonderful Tigger's kind assistance (and his account)), looking up landscaping plants for the desert, ordering a new white and pink orchid snap-on faceplate for my mobile, and watching: "Fuego en la Sangre".

Time-sucks to be added next week? Um, probably the ballet work-out DVD (since I'm obviously not getting over to the gym any time soon), WRITING (long overdue), catching up on e-mails/facebook and everyone's blogs, and spitting into a tube and then harassing FedEx to come out here to pick it up.

For an explanation of that last one - I have ordered a DNA testing kit thingy from - and in 8 to 10 weeks I'll know what kind of mutt I am ;)

We're also going to find out what kind of mutts our dogs are (we've ordered doggie DNA kits - from a COMPLETELY different establishment!).

We've gone DNA crazy around here ... though I'm not sure exactly how we're going to collect a sample from Cali - she's a bit grumpy .... maybe Cesar Milan has a chapter that covers this - must consult the books! :)

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