like molasses ... but in November/December (which is not as bad as January)

Well, let's see - since Thanksgiving I have revived from my tryptophan coma ... but only to eat more turkey and fall back into it again, lol :)

Aside from that, we have been TRYING to get the stupid house decorated for X-mas - we've gotten a little more done each day, but it's been very cold, very windy, and occasionally snowing. When you couple the weather with the fact that at every turn there have been 'technological set-backs' which have required almost daily trips to Wal-Mart to correct them (apparently a person can NEVER have enough outdoor extension cords) .. you can imagine why it's still a work in progress.

BTW, on the day we bought new lights at Wal-Mart (to replace the ones we'd bought at Big Lots which lacked end to end connectors! UGH), the lady bagging the lights asked if our last name was Griswald. When my dad went back the next day for adaptors for some of the plugs, she was there again, and asked 'Mr. Griswald' how it was going. The sad/funny/crazy part of it is - we only ever decorate the bottom of the house - we hang the lights on the porch eaves on three sides of the house because NO ONE has any interest in getting up on the porch roof to try and decorate the second story. If ever we attempted the second story - I suspect we really would blow the electricity for the neighborhood!

And speaking of electricity - yesterday the elctrician FINALLY came!! He had to coordinate it with the folks from Allegheny Power who are apparently not much interested in coming out to do any sort of service. We initially called Allegheny to come out to temporarily turn off the power because the painter, I think that was who it was, got shocked by the line coming from the road to the house where it had frayed over the eons. When asked by the person on the phone whether this was an emergency or not, my father told them it WAS, since a) it's a frayed wire, and b) we had people trying to work around it. What was Allegheny's "emergency response"? Not much actually - I don't remember now if they called back, or they stopped by, but either way it was about two weeks later! So I suppose it shouldn't have come as a shock that it took the electrician about a month and a half to coordinate everything with them.

But at any rate, we are now all fully upgraded (and SAFE), and the wiring to the addition is all conneted (though not tunred on since it's still a bunch of bare wires hanging out of the open walls). Gone is the collection of different fuseboxes in the basement (located directly over a sink - yes, water and elecrticity right next to one another), one of which was probably the original box put in when the house was built in 1930. It had these screw in fuses that I had never seen the like of before moving here. Anyway, it's now a proper and modern box, and no longer located about the sink. :)

The electrician will be back in about a week to install a natural gas back-up generator for us. With my mother's television and oxygen needs (and some days I'm not sure which is more important) we can't afford to be without electricity and there are often times during thunderstorms in the summer, or freezing rain in the winter where the lines will break (somewhere across town or something - it never happens here) and we'll lose power.

But we spent pretty much all day yesterday without electricity (9am until after 3pm), my mom had to use her portable oxygen tanks, my dad read an entire book since he couldn't get online, and I slept late, read a bit, and kept my fingers crossed that the contents of the fridge would survivie (they did). But at least the electrician brought a back-up generator to run our furnace off of, so we didn't get cold ... just bored .. lol :)

Now, the only bad part is that our dear friend "Creeg" has to come back and close up the walls (and fix a good half-dozen little odds and ends he never finished/didn't do right).

We are going to do some more decorating today - the weather is lovely. I tried to take pics of what we have done out front, but my cameraphone can't manage the whole lights in the dark thing. When it's done I will take my real camera out to see what I can get.

In the meantime, for everyone's edification, my view when I awoke this morning:

Yes, that is my cat, Muneca ... and yes, that is one of my pillows she's on. Ugh, cats - they think they own the world!

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