The Ghost of Christmas Presents ;)

Well, I've gotten 4 things ordered for my mom (one of which arrived today), 2 ordered for my dad, and one for all of us - still working on my dad though. And we've had the tree up since Tuesday, I think. And there's a ton of snow outside right now (ok, perhaps I exaggerate a bit), and I finally got my cards done today and ready for tomorrow's mail - so Christmas is finally starting to take shape around here.

To that end I give you a couple pics of our decorating efforts:

The Front - on the sidewalk you can see Sam the cat (one of the feral cats we feed who has taken a liking to me - at least enough to follow me around and ask me to pet her, but not enough to come inside out of the cold. We've made her a little makeshift kitty cubby out of a box, but only she knows for sure whether she uses it or not). We named her Sam, not knowing whether she was male or female - deciding that she could either be Samantha Carter (Stargate) or Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell x-box games). Samantha and I bond twice every evening when I go out to turn the lights on, and off (bringing food with me one of those times and petting her BOTH times).

The side of the house where - if you strain - you can just catch a glimpse of the X-mas tree lights through the sheers in the window that faces the street (the one on the right).

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