Better Late than Never?

About a gajillion and a half days ago my blog-pal Pacian tagged me to do a meme of 6 random things about myself. but because I was slightly busy and VERY lazy, and behind in EVERYTHING (I owe e-mails to K-Dragon, Juju, and my Cousin Lisa ... I have not made the blog rounds in probably a couple weeks now ... I still haven't made my Christmas cards out yet ... and I'm not even going to talk about how behind the pack I am when it comes to my online Accounting class!) - it has taken me awhile to respond. VERY SORRY! All I can say is that it's a very good thing I had the sense not to try to do NaNoWriMo this year - that, and: I will try not to suck so much in the future ;)

So here's the list of 6 random things about me:

1. I cannot fall asleep in a silent room - I need some kind of white noise (tv/radio on low volume, a fan in summer, or my noisy room humidifier this time of year).

2. I normally loathe colored Christmas lights - they were the only options when I was a little kid and ever since white/clear became an option I have been in love with the simplicity of them, but I've gotten bored with the plain white lights now. This year we bought this neat kind that is basically two strings bound together - one string is the old-fashioned (I prefer to call them retro chic) big colored bulbs and the other string is white icicle lights. This, BTW, is illustrative of a peculiar facet of my personality that I don't quite understand - I can be very stubborn about only liking something ONE way - and then suddenly (eventually) decide to try something different. I won't budge, I won't budge, I won't budge .. and then I do a 180. Don't ask me why, lol :)

3. I am allergic to a lot of different things - but two that make no sense to me are: crab and cashews. I am NOT allergic to any other kind of shelfish, or any other kind of nut (in fact I love both shelfish and nuts) but a bite of crab, or an errant cashew and my tongue begins to swell and I have to scramble for a handful of Benadryl. It's weird because I've only ever heard of people being allergic to the whole shelfish or nut classes (not individual members). Even weirder - my mother is allergic to shelfish (all of them) - but it's developed over time, and my father is sensitive to some nuts (at some times) - especially walnuts (which I love) - but both of them love cashews! Does this mean I'm adopted? LOL

4. I have never been able to figure out what Season I am in that whole "Color Me Beautiful" crap. And this only bothers me because I can't figure it out!

5. I do not like fruit with my meat - no grapes in my chicken salad, raisins or apples with pork, no mandarin slices on my green salad with chicken breast please!

6. I have never in my life had such a hard time learning ANYTHING as I am having with my accounting class! I actually got 100% WRONG on my second quiz (which I later tried again and got 100% right - but only because I answered the opposite way of what I thought was right). I just cannot get my head around the idea that if one purchases supplies with cash it must be recorded as a Supplies DEBIT and a Cash CREDIT when it seems to me it should be the opposite. If one is spending cash to buy supplies, then you now have less cash and more supplies, so shouldn't it be a credit to your supplies account and a debit to your cash account?

But apparently Accounting has it's own philosophy (for which my brain is NOT wired) and it's own language - and in Accountese debit and credit are used in the exact opposite way my brain wants to employ them. I am so confused! But I'm trying not to quit (yet)! However, even if I make it through this class I am starting to suspect that Accounting is NOT my calling in life (even at the underling level). If I manage to finish this class I may not take the subsequent one, and may just spend my energy on my interior design coursework instead. Apparently, accounting is a lot more complicated than balancing a checkbook! LOL ;)


Pacian said...

Lulubunny? Is that you? I can't tell... My long grey beard is blocking my view...

Also, I seem to have become a skeleton...

But a fine random six things indeed. You're much better at this than I am. Possibly because I am an old, old man now. Wait... actually, it's only been a couple of weeks. That's not so bad. ;-P

LuluBunny said...

ROTFL - Well you best shave now or your cat might mistake you for an intruder - and being so emaciated you'd be hard pressed to defend yourself ;)

But seriously, I am sorry it took me forever, and thanks for the compliment about my mangy list - I had a very hard time making it to 6 things. Apparently, I'm really only interesting enough for about 3 - and that may be pushing it, LOL ;)

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