bah, humbug!

Well, we still don't have the tree up yet ... fingers crossed for tomorrow!

I have finished the requested (by my parents) b-day/x-mas gift list from which they can choose things to buy me ... but I have still not received lists frm them and so far I only have one idea for each of them! My brain is not working well this year - normally I have these things figured out much earlier - better figure it out quick!

I still haven't made out my cards!

And, I just learned (from a pormotional e-mail in my junk folder) that one gift I already bought - just went on sale for 65% off! The one time of year I don't shop by what's on sale, and this is how the universe rewards me? Now, if said person should look it up online they will think I'm cheap! :(

AARGH! The gods are apparently not on my side this year.

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