two green thumbs?

Well we did it - my dad and I got all the fruit trees planted today! We have a cherry tree we planted about 5 or 6 years ago (it's a few different varieties grafted together), and it dwarfs the new trees (even though they're in the 5-6' foot range). But now we've added a Rome Red Beauty Apple, a Granny Smith Apple, an Elberta Peach, a Royal Apricot, and a Bartlett Pear. So next summer and fall we should get our first fruit (except maybe not the apricot since it's slightly smaller than the others).

We also got my 9 Casablanca Lily bulbs (one of which divided in half giving me a total of ten bulbs!) planted in three pots - so they're all ready to enjoy next summer now too.

Now, we're down to just the bulbs and wildflowers that are going out back between the dog yard fence and the alleyway. We've got roughly 300 bulbs of various kinds, and then we're going to plant a wildflower mix (designed for our area) on top of that. The Crocus and Daffodil bulbs will come up first, then the flowers will sprout up and carry the area through to the fall. And the whole thing will take care of itself from then on since the wildflowers will reseed themselves year after year. I got the idea from a kit I saw online that consisted of 50 daffodil bulbs and 1 pound of wildflower seeds for $50. It just seemed like the sort of thing one could do on one's own - without a kit involved. It's great because it will cover the area - with gorgeous flowers that can be cut and brought inside - and will require NO mowing of the sloping ground and very little maintenance at all - that's my kind of flower gardening ;)

But the trees have taken up more room than the original (adapted) plan called for, so now it has to be adapted again. I think I can get my rose garden if I move it to the back and don't have any grapes, but I still have to figure out how to work in the small fountain. But I'm not sure I want to trade grapes for roses. Anyway - it's back to the drawing board! But at least I have until Spring to figure that part all the way out :)

It was too grey for photo taking - by the time we finished planting at like 4pm - but one of these days the sun should be shinning again (even if it's just briefly) and then I can get pics of the plantings and the fully painted house.

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