Turkey-Day '08

The menu consisted - as it always does - of:

- a giant Turkey we will consume in 17,000 different ways from now on, until the very word turkey makes us all tremble with fear
- dressing
- mashed potatoes
- gravy
- onions in cream sauce (my favorite)
- peas in cream suace
- dinner rolls (which did NOT come out well this year)
- and some 'store-bought' frozen pumpkin pie (with Reddie-Whip, of course)

It is based on my maternal Grandmother's New England Thanksgiving dinner - a menu considered sacrosanct in the family - but from which I extrapolate and improvise since no one likes the yams. I also 'cheat' with gravy from a jar (which would cause my Grandma to go ballistic if she knew), brown and serve dinner rolls, and Stove Top dressing - but hey even my Grandma used to use the frozen pies! LOL ;)

This year I also added a turkey-shaped pumpkin cake to the mix since I had the pan and felt like baking on Wednesday. Here's how it turned out (complete with some powdered 
sugar on top):

Here's the turkey before - all slathered up with mayonaise to preclude basting - notice my lovely new turkey accomodating pan:

And here's the result (I'm so glad to have a properly functioning oven this year - the one in California had temperature regulation problems that scorched last year's bird a bit in places):

And - while picking which potatoes were going to end up mashed - I pulled this one out of the basket:

Now it's off to start decorating outside for Christmas - and to watch the Nebraska/Colorado game - Go Big Red! :)


Pacian said...

For a moment I got confused between your turkey and your turkey-shaped pumpkin cake. It's better not to go into the thought process that ensued.

LuluBunny said...

LOL ;)

Sorry I am so late responding to the meme you tagged me for - I will try to get it done tonight before bed :)

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