First we went to Lowes to price cabinets since the ones we were going to get are now partially unavailable (certain crucial pieces like corner and wall oven cabinets). We were checking out the ready-made cabinets (much to my surprise some of the Lowes ready-made cabinets were actually cheaper than Ikea!). But then we wandered into the kitchen design 'showroom' area .... And there it was - the PERFECT kitchen! It even had the exact countertop I had fallen in love with at Home Depot. Behold our future kitchen:

Now the funny thing is ... it's oak (with a 'honey spice' and a 'moss' finish). Generally, I HATE oak, and generally, my dad hates green ... and yet we both REALLY like this one. Wierd, huh? Anyway, it's not really much more expensive than anything else we've looked at (averages $170 per linear foot), so I think we might have to have the Lowes folks come on out and giveme a new kitchen (though obvouisly not before Thanksgiving *pouty face*).

Anyway, after that we went on over to Big Lots (which was the actual reason we were out and about) to stock up on X-mas decorations. And stock up we did! Photos will be forthcoming when we FINALLY get the stuff up. But in the interim I thought I would share what i did last night while dinner cooked ....

Recipe involves 2 Light-up Wreaths and a Poinsettia Garland:

I was going to wrap the garland around the wreaths, but a) once cut in half it
wasn't quite long enough for that, and b) it was too thick and leafy to let the lights shine through, so instead I cut it apart and nestled the flowers into the wreath.



But the bottom line is that we now have two cute wreaths for our two little front windows (next to the front door) that don't look quite as plain as they did before :) And, I still have about a foot and half of garland left (and a whole passle of green leaf and gold bead clusters). The brain is still ticking over what to do with them.

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