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So, all the Mountain Laurels are in now - they are teeny little things now (nothing but small glossy green leaves on a twig), but one of these days they'll grow up to look like this:

We just have the fruit trees and flower bulbs to tackle next. However, today is cold, overcast, and windy (even more so than yesterday) so we're taking today off from planting and going to Wal-Mart instead - which we've been bumping back day after day to get other more important things done (not that Wal-Mart on a Sunday afternoon is so much better than planting in the cold, lol).

My mom is back up in the hospital again. The ambulance took her away at about 2.30 am on Saturday morning. But supposedly they'll let her come home tomorrow.

Other than that, not much else to say for myself - been reading a lot lately. Got "Night" in the mail (via paperspine) on Thursday afternoon - couldn't put it down it was so good (in an obviously deeply depressing sort of way). And last night (because there's never anything on tv on Saturdays) we watched "There Will Be Blood" (my mother had no interest in seeing it so last night was the perfect opportunity to watch it). It was really good - but really odd at the same time. A strange little movie populated by quirky and/or insane characters. But I did like it!


Pacian said...

Why are they called Mountain Laurels if they're really small? Mountains are big.

LuluBunny said...

very funny, LOL ;)

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