I tried - and I failed

I've been trying really hard, for a long time now, to hold it together. But I'm pretty sure it just fell apart - something did anyway .. it, or me, or both (whatever 'it' is).

I've been trying to keep this blog all light and upbeat and full of updates about nonsense - all I've done is succeed in gutting it, and denying myself an outlet for the stuff about my life that gets under my skin.

I've been trying to learn new coping mechanisms - but instead I've gone back to the old ones.

At the moment, I am so far gone I've lost the will to communicate with anyone about anything. I may or may not ever return to blogging here (have been toying with the idea of quitting this for months now) - but all I know for now is that I don't intend to leave my room or answer my phone for the next few days. I just need a MASSIVE break!


b. said...

kayt...I understand the need for a break. I think you've been under some incredible stress over the last year. Does writing help? If it does...don't quit. I love reading what you write, whether it's happy, sappy, or down right pissed off!

Hang in there.

MountainLaurel said...

As B said, hang in there. And please don't quit. Not totally anyway. We all need a break at times.

And besides, you won a prize. Since it may cheer you up, I'll tell you. It's a gift certificate for Colassessano's. With me if I can swing it. I should be up there more over the holiday season.

A pepperoni roll from Colassessano's. Now doesn't that make life worth living? ;-)

LuluBunny said...

Thanks you guys for the SUPER sweet comments - they really helped :) And you're both absolutely right - writing and pepperoni rolls could save the world ... so they can certainly fix me ;)

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